Steam's Lunar New Year Sale has begun

(Image credit: Valve)

The Steam Lunar New Year Sale 2020, with discounts on thousands of games and a festive Night Market to explore, is now underway.

Each day of the sale, Steam users will be given a red envelope containing Year of the Rat tokens that can be spent in the Lunar New Year Night Market. Similar to the Holiday Market in the recently-ended Winter Sale, it will offer seasonal Steam stuff including animated profile backgrounds, chat room effects, chat stickers, and more. If you plan on going heavy on games purchases, you can also opt to buy a Lunar New Year Coupon that can be used throughout the sale.

Here are a few markdowns to get you started: 

See any other deals that really float your boat? Tell us about them in the comments. The Steam Lunar New Year Sale runs until 10 am PT/1 pm ET on January 27.

Andy Chalk

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