Steam Summer Sale to start June 11

It's a Steam sail, okay?

It's a Steam sail, okay?

If you were to look outside my window right now, you might scoff at the idea that anything containing the word "Summer" could be just a month away. And yet, according to the Steam page on Russian social network VK, the Steam Summer Sale will begin on June 11.

That's less than two weeks away. Are you ready?

This is one of Steam's two big-ticket sale events of the year—to which all other Steam sales are mere trinkets on the receipt of history. There'll probably be some trading cards to collect and everything.

The sale will run until June 20, at which point there'll be an encore sale. To prepare, I'll venturing into the countryside to track down our old friend the Sale Stoat.

What are you hoping to see discounted, dear reader?

Thanks, IGN.

Phil Savage

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