GOG's Winter Sale kicks off with free Age of Wonders

Too many... deals... so tired... let me rest here a spell.

Too many... deals... so tired... let me rest here a spell.

A Stoat

There's nothing I love more than ferreting out great deals, but an entire game for free? Otter bargain!

Hopefully you've recovered from the commercial frenzy of Black Friday, because the sale horn is once again honking. GOG's Big Winter Sale has launched with a 'Frost Flash Frenzy'. It's an event the DRM-free distributor describes as "a 48-hour long flash-deal bonanza with 30 deals per hour, deeply-discounted daily bundles, and a 'first come, first served' giveaway of 250,000 FREE copies of Age of Wonders."

Sounds exhausting, frankly, but also cheap.

The big news right now is the 250,000 free copies of classic strategy Age of Wonders. Head quickly to GOG's front page to grab one before they're gone.

As for the flash-deals, there's some great stuff if you're quick enough. GOG are teasing 85% off The Witchers 1 & 2, 75% off the STALKER bundle, and 50% off the excellent Xenonauts. With new discounts each hour, you've a decision to make: is it practical to tape open your eyes for 48 hours in an attempt to see every reduction?

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