Steam Summer Sale is go!

It's Adventure Time! No, not that one. The Steam Summer Sale is upon us , and this year the theme is adventure ! Pack you bags, feed your pets, strap on your best hiking boots and... sit in front of your computer, diligently refreshing the store page in order to keep up with the bundles, flash sales and daily deals that will haunt your every waking moment.


Remember, it's an adventure, but it's not your adventure. It's your money's adventure. It will bravely travel in small amounts through the vastness of the internet, and, while you'll never see it again, you will receive a game to forever remind you of its journey.

But what, in practical terms, is the Steam Summer Adventure 2014?

"Everyone is randomly assigned to a team when they click the 'Join a Team' button above or when they craft a badge. Your points count toward your team's daily total.

"Each day the team with the most points wins. 30 members of that team who contributed points that day will win 3 games off their Wishlist."

How do you earn points for your randomly assigned team? Crafting badges, obviously . Collect the 10 Summer Adventure trading cards to craft a special badge, earn a summer themed in-game item for a variety of titles, and earn points towards this arbitrary battle we've been mercilessly plunged into.

Ah, but don't be fooled. These are distractions; a siren song to occupy your mind from the truth, even as your body reaches absently for your wallet... One of the biggest sale events in the PC gaming calendar has begun.

The Steam Summer Sale is here.

The Steam Summer Sale is here .



(Also, check back each day for our picks of the best games in each daily deal.)

Phil Savage

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