Here's when Star Wars Jedi: Survivor releases in your time zone

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor release times - Cal Kesis stands against a fiery sky holding a pink lightsaber
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It's not long to wait until Star Wars Jedi: Survivor's release time, so you'll soon be able to jump back in and rejoin Cal Kestis, five years after the events of Fallen Order. If you did play the first game, a wider range of enemies, expanded combat options, and Cal's improved platforming make it look like a series worth revisiting. Not to mention the fact that it's Star Wars.

If you're still undecided, we scored the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor review as an 80, so that might sway you one way or the other. In Morgan's words, it's "an excellent sequel and a fun Star Wars story, but maybe wait for better performance". That said, if you don't mind potential stutters and framerate issues and you're planning on jumping in regardless, here are the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor release times, broken down by time zone.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor release times 

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is set to release globally on April 28 —or April 27, depending on your time zone. To avoid any confusion, I've broken down the unlock times and listed them below so you'll know exactly when you can join Cal and his pals.

Here are the Jedi: Survivor release times:

  • Los Angeles: 9 pm PDT (April 27)
  • New York: 12 am EDT  (April 28)
  • London: 5 am BST
  • Paris: 6 am CEST
  • Sydney: 2 pm AEST

If you want to be ready to hit play the minute it unlocks, you should think about preloading Jedi: Survivor ahead of its release. It's a whopping 120 GB download, so you'll need a few hours to install it if you don't have blazing-fast internet. If you're interested in the other system requirements to see if your rig can run it, we've got a guide for that too. 

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