Spelunky 2 is now on Steam with an updated release window

(Image credit: Mossmouth)

Perhaps the most hotly anticipated platformer release of the year, the Spelunky 2 Steam page is now up. The new roguelike platformer is to release on PS4 on September 15, but the PC release date has remained rather nebulous, with a simple statement that it would be 'shortly after'. Well, that information is now ever-so-slightly less nebulous: Developer Derek Yu says they're aiming to get Spelunky 2 out the door "no later than a few weeks" after the PS4 release. That's probably something like early to mid October. 

"Just to clarify again," Yu says in a followup tweet, "we are taking the extra time to make sure that Spelunky 2 runs well on PC. That includes testing online multiplayer, but it's not the only thing we'll be busy with." He continued on to say that the development team was "working hard to make sure the two release dates are as close as possible!"

Spelunky 2's new Steam page has a bunch of nifty screenshots, some featuring a sloth, which is nice. It's a detailed page that befits the sequel to such a beloved game, one which our Spelunky enthusiast Emma Matthews characterized as "the perfect sequel for returning players." After viewing the trailer, she said: "Teeming with new enemies and more tricky traversal, Spelunky 2 is showing signs that it will pose a true challenge for returning players," she said. You can read that detailed breakdown of the trailer here.

You can learn more about Spelunky 2 on our convenient aggregator page. You can find Spelunky 2 on Steam here. 

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