Speed up Starfield's annoyingly slow sitting and climbing animations with a quick mod

Starfield Ultra-Anim mod
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For how quickly you can hop-scotch around the galaxy in Starfield, the game sure does like to take its sweet time with other actions. Sitting down, standing up, climbing into your cockpit, climbing a ladder, stepping off a ladder, laying in a bed, waking up—all require lengthy animations that grind the game to a halt for what feels like an eternity (but is probably like, 5 seconds each).

I'm not usually one to bemoan cool animations, but I think Starfield's are jarring because you have zero control while they happen, and they all have this moment of windup before they actually start. Oh, what's that, there are Starfield mods for this? Of course.

Enter Ultra-Anim by Nexus Mods user Bub200. This simple mod speeds up animations for sitting and standing, ladder climbing, workbenches, and airlock doors, aiming to make them all appear"realistically fast." 

Per the mod's description page, here's exactly how much animation speeds are affected:

  • Ladders (1.5x faster)
  • Pilot seat (3x faster)
  • Workbench (instant)
  • Base airlock (30x faster) [Experimental]

Here's what sitting in your pilot seat looks like before and after the mod:

Starfield - Pilot Seat Animation comparison"

Looking pretty good. You can certainly tell it's a sped up animation, but that is the whole point. The ladder speed is more subtle, but quick enough to make all the difference. I can now comfortably get around my ship the way it's intended instead of clumsily boost packing through ladder holes.

The only animation I might see myself actually slowing down is for airlocks. That 30x speed boost is a tad too fast, but thankfully, Bud200 has made alternate 10x, 5x, and 2x versions of the mod available for free on their KoFi page.

Bud200 has ensured that Ultra-Anim is compatible with another mod of theirs you might already have installed: Skip Ship - Instant Docking and More. Seemingly on a mission to make every facet of Starfield ships more pleasant, they're also hard at work on a mod that'd let you take off, land, and grav-jump from a first-person view (the tests are looking promising) and a spacewalking mod.


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