South Park screenshots show combat, elves, hippies, hammers

South Park - the gang

Some new screenshots of Obsidian's South Park RPG have appeared on The Guardian . They look uncannily similar to the TV show, which somehow only seems to compound the strangeness of the fact that the creators of Fallout: New Vegas are making a South Park game. Is it really happening? It must be.

The Guardian mention that the show's creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, are writing the game, and have forwarded oodles of artwork and style guides from the TV series onto Obsidian. That explains why the screens are so authentic. Combat will be turn based, with your party lining up on the left and an array of enemies on the right. Soda pop and coffee can be used to buff your team, who will be made up of the shows most famous stars.

It's due out sometime this year. The screens below show plenty of combat, and an instance in which Butters attacks a hippy with a massive hammer.

Tom Senior

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