How to make a Hokey Pokey trap in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest Hokey Pokey trap
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The Sons of the Forest Hokey Pokey trap might sound fun but it's going to give any hungry cannibals wandering nearby a bit of a wake-up call—a very violent wake-up call, which involves taking a large spiky ball to the face and most likely dying. This is good news for you though if you're trying to keep said cannibal away from your base.

Sons of the Forest's latest update is here and has introduced various new items including the electric fence, golf cart lights, and the ability to 3D print GPS locators. If you're keen to learn more about keeping your home safe from intruders while living on the cannibal-infested island, you're in luck. Here's how to make the Hokey Pokey trap in Sons of the Forest. 

Sons of the Forest Hokey Pokey trap: How to make one 

Building a Hokey Pokey trap is relatively easy, even if you're not far into the game. The resources you'll need are easy to come by, so you can get one up and running probably before you've had the chance to build a base.

Here's what you need to build a Hokey Pokey trap:

  • 10 Sticks
  • 15 Rocks
  • 3 Ropes
  • 6 Logs

You can grab the resources you need first, or you can wait until you've placed the framework. To do this, press B to pull up your crafting menu and look for the Hokey Pokey trap, unsurprisingly under the trap section. If you can't find it, try pressing X to switch modes. Now you can place the frame for the trap and press E to start adding the materials. 

You need to add the logs first as those form the base, and then you can start adding the other bits. Once built, anything that comes near it will cause the spiked ball to swing down and hit anything in its way. 

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