How to make an electric fence in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest electric fence
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Making an electric fence in Sons of the Forest is one of the more sensible things you can do, considering you're living on a cannibal-infested island. Surprise visitors are annoying at the best of times, but when you have a whole host of hungry mutants show up on your doorstep, the reassurance of a bit of extra protection is always welcome.

The latest patch has also introduced the hokey pokey trap—something that The Forest players will be familiar with—as well as the ability to seat up to four players in the golf cart. If you're keen to build your own Sons of the Forest electric fence, here's how to get started, including where to find the parts needed.

Sons of the Forest electric fence: How to make one 

First off, you'll need to collect a few items before you can start making an electric fence. Two of the items you'll probably have in abundance, but the third might be a little more tricky to locate.

Here's what you need to make an electric fence:

  • Sticks (as many as you need for a fence)
  • Wire
  • A Solar Panel

Sticks are straightforward to obtain, and you can send Kelvin to grab more if you're short. Wires can be found almost everywhere: inside crates, on shelves, and at abandoned camps. I'd be surprised if you don't have a stash of these somewhere, but if you don't, a little exploring should yield what you need pretty quickly.

Solar panels might be a bit more difficult to locate. They're found in similar locations to wires, but they're rarer, so you might have to venture further afield to find them. That said, they're pretty big so they're hard to miss when you do come across one.

Once you have the items you need, build a stick fence as you normally would or use one you built earlier—when holding a stick, right-click to change it from the default fire-building placement—and then make sure the solar panel is nearby, placed on a flat surface. Check the screenshot above if you're unsure. Now run wire through as much of the fence as you want to be electrified—you'll see white guidelines when you hover over the fence with the wire—then run another piece of wire to the solar panel to make a connection between that and the fence.

That's it! Now the next cannibal that tries to get into your base is gonna be in for a bit of a shock, eh?

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