Where to find and how to drive a golf cart in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest golf cart location
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Finding a Sons of the Forest golf cart might not seem like a big deal, but the latest update allows you to drive these lightweight buggies. While the island isn't huge, it's big enough to make trekking from one side to another quite a chore. Locating a golf cart will make things easier, like stocking up your supplies from the food bunker, or getting to the nearest 3D printer to make a water flask.

Thankfully there are no prerequisites to finding these lightweight buggies, such as needing a specific keycard or some other piece of apparatus in order to access it. Ironically though, it might be quite a trek before you find one, depending on where you've set up your base. With that in mind, here's the Sons of the Forest golf cart location, as well as how to drive it.  

Sons of the Forest golf cart location 

You can find drivable golf carts in several locations across the cannibal-infested island. The highest concentration of them is found in the northeast corner of the island, at the abandoned golf course located there. It's also possible to stumble across them in other places too—I found one over on the eastern edge of the island, next to a camp. That said, not all golf carts are created equal and there are some you'll find which can't be driven, such as the two found outside the maintenance keycard bunker.

Once you find a golf cart you can drive, manoeuvring it around is pretty simple. Press E to get in, though make sure you're on the driver's side with the steering wheel symbol.  From there, it's just a case of using WASD to move and steer. It's pretty zippy too, so be careful you don't drive off a cliff or into a river, but it's pretty good at driving straight through foliage. Just watch out for large trees or lost Kevins.

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