Where to find the food bunker in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest food bunker - a narrow cave entrance is set into rock near tall, autumnal trees
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The Sons of the Forest food bunker is a lifesaver if you're running low on food, and it's found in the same location as one of the keycards. Cannibals and other enemies might endanger your existence more than you'd like, but starving to death is also a danger. Thankfully, it's a wholly avoidable one with some careful planning for the colder season when food is more scarce.

There's plenty of food lying around the island if you know where to look. Berries and plants can help you out in a pinch, but if you want something to sustain you for longer, this stash is worth seeking out. You won't need special tools like the shovel either; you just need to find the right cave entrance. So without further ado, here's where to find the Sons of the Forest food bunker. 

Sons of the Forest food bunker location 

As the name suggests, the food bunker is found underground, so you'll need to look for a cave entrance to find it. It's to the north of a small lake, over on the west of the island—check the screenshot above for the exact location.  

Once inside the cave, follow the slope downwards until you reach a hatch on the floor. Use E to open it, then climb down the ladder to find yourself in a room with lockers and shelves. The latter will hold various food types, from energy bars and cereal, to questionable chunks of raw meat. The door at the opposite end requires the maintenance keycard to open, and it's through here that you'll find the VIP keycard. While the bulk of the food is in the first room, the plants in the rooms beyond the keycard door yield some berries if you need to stock up.

Another thing to note is that exiting the game and loading back in will cause every item to respawn, so you can set up a makeshift tent outside to save your game and reload as often as you need to stock up your food stores. 

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