Songbringer trailer shows off a collection of fearsome bosses

Procedurally generated action RPG Songbringer takes plenty of inspiration from the original Zelda, but as we wrote back in February, with the addition of hundreds of weapons and hallucinogenic cacti. There's also a tophat that doubles as a boomerang and a humming nanosword you can use to slice up baddies and bosses, who lurk at the bottom of Songbringer's dungeons.

The new trailer above shows off several of those bosses, including a fearsome goat man who smashed me with a giant hammer when developer Nathanael Weiss brought Songbringer onto the PC Gamer Show. And a dragon. We might need a bigger boomerang hat for that one.

From our limited experience going toe-to-toe with Songbringer's bosses, they're going to make for some pretty tough fights, but the open-ended exploration and item discovery should make each showdown with them unique. Songbringer is set for release on Steam this summer. 

Wes Fenlon
Senior Editor

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