Songbringer is a Zelda-like with galactic war and hallucinogenic cacti

Wizard Fu is a one-person development studio who, alongside publisher Double Eleven, aims to release Songbringer this summer—a procedurally-generated Zelda-like that boasts a host of weapons, dungeons and quests within a world of up to 308 million unique environment combinations. 

Starring Roq, a "shirtless carefree dude", your task is to guide the game's poorly dressed protagonist  around a far-flung galaxy 13,000 years BC in search of an "art party" spacecraft named the Songbringer. 

En route, our hedonistic hero accidentally awakens an ancient evil army which, as these things tend to go, results in all-out interstellar warfare. As you might expect, it's on Roq to make right his wrongs—either in single-player or in local co-op alongside his pal Jib.

Reliant on tools such as the "epic and humming nanosword", and the "boomerang-like top hat", Roq and mustachioed robot companion Jib must save the universe from crowded mobs, virus androids, and gigantic bosses—all the while overcoming a range of puzzles and brain teasers. 

All of that looks a bit like this: 

"Songbringer presents a gorgeous procedurally-generated overworld with ten dungeons in 3/4 perspective," reads a statement. "Players enter a six-letter world seed code when starting a new adventure, granting them the possibility to explore 308 million unique environment combinations. The seed codes generate the world dynamically and deterministically, so entering the same seed will always generate the same world."

No concrete release date just yet, however Songbringer is expected this summer. More information can be found this-a-way.