Someone made the Avengers' Stark Tower in Fortnite, and it puts Tilted Towers to shame

Fortnite's new Creative mode hasn't even been out for a week and players are already making wild stuff with it. Perhaps inspired by the release of the Avengers: Endgame trailer, Reddit user Sputeit got right to work on recreating one of the Marvel universe's most iconic buildings: Stark Tower. 

While it's looking pretty formidable from the outside, Sputeit says it's not quite done. With about 40 floors to decorate—about six times the height of the tallest building at Tilted Towers—Avengers: Endgame might be out by the time it's all put together. 

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Even so, what's there shows how much can be done with Fortnite's creative tools in such a short amount of time, in relation to both detail and scale. While it looks pretty cool, what's even more exciting is that the tower could possibly end up as a point of interest on the actual Fortnite battle royale map, available for everyone to explore.

Revealed at The Game Awards last week, The Block is a new area on Fortnite's map that will rotate through the best player-made creations, assuming they meet certain criteria. 

Right now, there's a fairly low memory cap limiting how many objects can be used in any eligible creation, and they've all got to fit within a 25x25 tile area—for now, at least. 

Sputeit's Stark Tower, especially once it's decked out, probably won't make the cut, but I'm really hoping they work on a version that could. I'm not a major Marvel fan, but I love the idea of introducing such a tall building in an otherwise flat portion of the map. Keep a few quadcrashers and a plane or two at the top, and you'll have a popular landing spot that will almost inevitably collapse a few minutes into each match.

For a tour, check out the full video over on the Fortnite Creative subreddit

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