Fortnite gets Creative mode with the arrival of Season 7

Leaked a little earlier and just officially announced, Fortnite Creative is arriving with Fortnite Season 7 tomorrow. For the first week of Season 7, Battle Pass owners will have access to a private island, where they can make their own games, scrap with friends, race around, or do whatever they can think of. On December 13th, everyone will get a private island. Battle Pass owners can invite players to their island during that first week. 

As the name suggests, this is your opportunity to do what you want with Fortnite. The video above mentions making your own game mode or shooting an in-game film as just two examples of its application. It sounds like the first week is a bit of a test run, before it opens up to all players. Epic Games cautions that Creative is "new and exciting" but not final, and that it'll add to the mode and improve it over time. 

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"Fortnite Creative is a labor of love for all of us at Epic," creative director Donald Mustard says on Twitter. "As passionate game creators our ultimate goal is for YOU to be able to build your own ‘Fortnite’. This is another step towards that."

In case you're wondering if this is what Epic had planned for Fortnite during The Game Awards, Senior PR Manager Nick Chester says it's not:

I guess we'll just have to wait and see what they have in store. We'll have loads more on Season 7 as it arrives. Find out more info on Fortnite Creative in Epic's ever-concise notes here.

Samuel Roberts
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