This speedy budget gaming monitor is only $150 right now

Acer Nitro Monitor
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This 24-inch 1080p Acer Nitro gaming monitor—currently on sale at Walmart for $149.99—is a nice little display to pair with a budget gaming build. Or, if you need a cheap second monitor that won't take up too much space on your desk, this is a decentoption.

The Acer Nitro QG241Y is a 24-inch full HD gaming monitor on a VA panel, which are known for their high contrast, but not their speed. This display advertises a 1ms response time, though, which we don't see too often on VA panels, so it may offer a slight edge over similar displays in games like CS: GO, Valorant, or even Fortnite. 

The easier-to-measure, more obvious aspect is the refresh rate: We love high refresh rates, and this budget screen runs at up to 165Hz. If you're currently on a 120Hz screen, it's a nice little upgrade. (And if you're still using a 60Hz display, a major upgrade.)

The Nitro also supports FreeSync Premium, so if you managed to score yourself one of the lower cost Radeon RX 6000 series GPUs that were on sale last week, this would be a nice way to see all those frames in action without having to endure any screen tearing. 

Since it is a budget screen, this Acer Nitro won't be as feature-rich as other gaming monitors. The screen can't be rotated, and although TN panels do offer great contrast, there is no HDR support on this monitor.

Acer Nitro QG241Y Sbmiipx | 165Hz | VA | FreeSync Premium |  1 ms VRB response time |
 $199.99 $149.99 at Walmart (save $50)

Acer Nitro QG241Y Sbmiipx | 165Hz | VA | FreeSync Premium |  1 ms VRB response time |
$199.99 $149.99 at Walmart (save $50)
This Acer Nitro monitor is a great little inexpensive upgrade if you're looking for a speedy 1080p gaming monitor for less than $200 for a budget gaming rig or if you need a decent second screen to watch Netflix while you work.   

Still, the $50 discount definitely makes the Acer Nitro a strong second screen candidate, especially if you just want to do things like scroll Twitter, monitor Twitch chat, or watch YouTube on it while you use your primary monitor for games. It's also small enough for someone with limited desk real estate. This little guy probably won't make it onto any best gaming monitor lists, but at $150, it's a decent-looking 1080p display.

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