Snag this killer deal on a mid-range gaming desktop PC for just $730

CyberPowerPC gaming desktop
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We have now entered Cyber Week, where the best deals hang around for a bit longer so you have more time to grab them, like this pre-built gaming desktop PC. Right now at Best Buy you can grab this CyberPowerPC gaming desktop for $220 off the normal price. CyberPowerPC is one of many ISBs (integrated system builders) who not only sell pre-built systems, but will also build you a custom PC according to your specifications. 

This variation is one of the former, perfect for a college student short on cash but looking to get their first gaming desktop, or maybe a parent who wants to give their child the gift of PC gaming without spending thousands of dollars on a high-end rig. Fortnite doesn't need a GTX 2080 Ti. 

For the more adventurous out of those two groups, this gaming PC comes with an unlocked AMD Ryzen 7 2700X processor, great for overclocking, although we recommend switching out the stock air cooler for an all-in-one liquid cooler to keep temps down more efficiently. It also comes with a GeForce GTX 1660, which is perfect for 1080p gaming and is one of the more evenly priced GPUs for its performance. It is G-Sync equipped, so if you have a G-Sync certified monitor you won't have to worry about screen tearing or anything of the like. Also, the included 16GB of DDR4 2666GHz RAM is the perfect amount for online mulitplayer games like Overwatch. Stay cached for days. 

And if you wanted to upgrade your graphics card later, the CPU is powerful enough that you won't have to worry about bottlenecking. It's a PC you'll be able to keep around for a while without replacing the whole kit to keep up with the times. 

CyberPowerPC gaming desktop | Ryzen 7 2700X | GTX 1600 | $729.99 (save $220)

CyberPowerPC gaming desktop | Ryzen 7 2700X | GTX 1600 | $729.99 (save $220)
You're getting a good set of specs for the price, and a beautiful and spacious white case to upgrade down the line.

The storage is a little on the low side with only a 512GB SSD and no secondary storage, but there are two 2.5" and two 3.5" internal bays so if you wanted to add more SATA storage, like this 500GB Samsung 860 Evo, you have plenty of space to do so. This gaming desktop PC also comes with a mouse and keyboard, so if you're looking to save money now and upgrade later, you're getting a decent deal with the pair of them. Everything you need (besides a monitor) is there. 

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