Sims 3 Island Paradise threatens happy houseboats with angry kraken attacks

So the Sims 4 might have already been announced, but that doesn't mean Maxis isn't still pumping content into the TS3. The end of this month will see in dragons , and the next introduces various terrors of the seas—houseboats, hedonistic tourists, and gratingly cheerful tiki music all make an appearance. And then, of course, our favorite additions involve new causes of flailing Sim-death in the form of sharks and krakens. Yep, just another fun-packed day in the Island Paradise.

Maxis' latest Producer Walkthrough video, below, shows off some of the newest expansion's terrifying features with all the nonchalance of your granny narrating the photo album of her last cruise trip. It seems we'll be able to build space-thirsty, completely unseaworthy multi-storey houseboats, and slap our runt Sims in on mop-the-deck duty. Meanwhile, we'll also be able to run entire resorts, from five-star straw-hut palaces to dingy sheds with broken toilets.

The Sims 3: Island Paradise is out June 25 (which just so happens to be my birthday, so guess where I'll be celebrating? Hint: not a real-life resort). These two screens show off some additional tiki-themed funtimes, although oddly, they leave me wondering where the tofu's at .