The Sims 3 indulges in flights of fancy with a new dragon town

Looks like we'll be able to re-enact parts of Game of Thrones in The Sims 3 now, with the introduction of a new dragon-themed map—I wonder how to say "oh god help me it's eating my face " in Simlish?

Judging by the trailer, the new town's taking some inspiration from the much-loved book series and show, with long flowing gowns, steely-eyed good-looking guys, and some supernaturally inclined tattooed people making an appearance. And then, of course, there's the cute baby dragon, delightfully roasting some poor dude in a quiet countryside valley.

Dragon Valley, its elven residents, and an adorable red dragon become available on May 31 at the Sim store . It's $25 for the standard bundle, but an upgraded bundle for $35 will also net you a theme-appropriate "Celtic Lands" furniture and decoration set, as well as a slew of SimPoints to spend in the store. It seems like a steep price to pay, though, when you could just sell your slave army.