Shakedown Hawaii, the Retro City Rampage follow-up, is a satirical swipe at white collar crime

Shakedown Hawaii, Brian Provinciano's follow-up to the weird and wonderful Retro City Rampage, is coming to PC—and now has a new equally off-the-wall trailer. It's as yet without a hard release date, however its creator has now unloaded loads of new info with regards to what it's all about. 

Let's start with those moving pictures: 

Boasting the tagline "Business in the Front. Bodies in the back", Shakedown Hawaii is a standalone game—and "not Retro City Rampage 2"—that parodies mega corporations and white collar crime. With a distinct degree of depth over its indirect forerunner, you fill the proverbial loafers of a CEO who's out of touch with modern society and whose raison d'etre is to win back power at all costs, whatever means necessary. 

By "replacing the genre’s more commonly populated gangs and mobsters [with] boardroom executives [who] formulate harebrained schemes to increase margins and boost profits," Shakedown Hawaii has players committing corporate crime all over a city that's filled with sidequests and influenced by 16-bit tech over its predecessor's 8-bit aesthetic. 

Of course, should you wish to engage in petty crimes too, you're also free to steal cars and rob shops as you see fit.

Again, Shakedown Hawaii is still without a concrete launch date however check out its website for more information.