Where to find Mighty Monument, Sanctuary, and a Seven Outpost in Fortnite

fortnite seven outpost locations
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The Foundation, aka The Rock, has finally arrived in Fortnite, but you'll need to complete the Foundation challenges if you actually want to get the skin and alternate outfits, plus a slew of cosmetics.

The first of these challenges asks you to visit Mighty Monument, Sanctuary, and a Seven Outpost. Two of these locations are pretty easy to spot—one is a giant statue after all. The Seven Outpost, however, is a different story. 

There are multiple Seven Outpost locations you can visit once you've gotten the two obvious spots out of the way. Below you'll find a guide to every Seven Outpost location, and the easiest one to get to if you want to complete the challenge as quickly as possible.

Seven Outpost locations

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Appropriately enough, there are seven Seven Outpost locations in Fortnite Chapter 3. You'll recognize them as the (usually) domed roof buildings patrolled by friendly NPCs. The buildings remind me a lot of the Star Wars Tatooine building that Fortnite had several seasons ago.

Which is the best to visit? Well, to start, you want to visit Sanctuary, the named POI on the east side of the map. From there, head to the giant statue of the Foundation, which is just a short swim away. Take the wind tunnel up into the air and then use it to fly to the nearest Seven Outpost just a single island away. Here's a picture:

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All you need to do is get close to the Seven Outpost to trigger the end of the challenge. For completing this challenge, you'll earn the Foundation's outfit, but not the version that comes with the Rock's handsome face. For that, you'll have to complete other Foundation challenges.

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