See an entire apartment recreated one-to-one in VR

Part of what's interesting about virtual reality is its ability to put you in the kind of bizarre spaces M.C. Escher would look at and say, "That's a bit much." But it's also cool to see ordinary places recreated with fidelity, especially when you can then walk through that space with a VR headset on as Greg Madison does with a wireless Oculus Quest after mapping his apartment in VR.

It's not just a pointless demonstration of what's possible, however. Sure, it would be nice to be able to reach out and touch walls and furniture in VR and feel actual objects, but the point of Madison's exercise is to demonstrate the ability to turn those surfaces into interactive touchscreens for different apps. 

As you can see in his video, he turns the table into an interactive Google Map then sits down on a chair, presses some virtual buttons on the armrest, and summons a screen he can watch YouTube on. There's even a virtual display of sheet music over his keyboard, and a TV projected onto his TV if you want to get really meta.

As Madison explains in the comments, he spent 22 hours using SketchUp as the main tool for mapping his apartment, getting it within two millimetres of the actual measurements, then imported it into Unity. The end result turns his home into a sci-fi workroom where he can summon apps with a wave of his hand.

Thanks, Kotaku.

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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