Second Evil Within DLC, The Consequence, coming in April

The Evil Within DLC

Bethesda has announced that The Evil Within DLC The Consequence will be out on April 21. The Consequence follows last month's The Assignment, which tells the tale of Detective Juli Kidman and unravels the truth of her connection to Mobius.

Bethesda said that it doesn't want to reveal too much of what's going to happen in The Consequence, since it's only been a couple of weeks since the March 10 release of The Assignment. Instead, we get "a brief teaser of the madness Kidman will soon encounter," and boy, they're not kidding when they say brief: It's 19 seconds long, and literally half of it is either an ESRB warning or an Evil Within logo. What remains [non-spoiler] is Kidman walking towards a town called paranoia, and, more pressingly, an actual oncoming train. Pick the bones out of that, Dr Freud.

The Evil Within was a decent survival horror experience but not a great one, according to our review, which stated that it "relies on gross-out rather than real fear" and suffers from some technical issues as well. But if you're not inclined to take our word for it, there's a free, three-level demo available on Steam. Try before you cry.

Andy Chalk

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