Save $8 on a Starfield Premium Edition Steam code if you’re buying today

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Starfield is out today—you may have heard something about that already—and if you want to be a part of the Big Launch Moment but would also like to save a few bucks, Newegg is currently offering $8 off the Premium Edition of the game, or $5 off the standard.

To take advantage of the lower price, head 'round to and choose the Starfield edition of your choice. The deal applies to both Steam and Xbox versions of the game, but do note that if you go for the Standard Edition, you will not be able to start playing today: Early access is only available through the Premium and Constellation editions of Starfield.

On the checkout screen, you'll see a field to drop in a promo code: Use STARFLD8 for the Premium Edition, or STARFLD5 for the standard edition, and the price will be reduced accordingly. And that's it, you're discounted and done—finish the checkout process, get the game key, and start your download.

(For the record, STARFLD10, STARFLD50, and STARFLD100 do not work. Trust me, I tried.)

Newegg isn't the only place offering Starfield at a reduced price right now. The website is very handy for tracking prices and discounts through various online sellers: WinGameStore, for instance, is offering the Premium Edition on Steam for 10% off, while 2Game has it for 11% off. There are also some good regional deals floating around: GreenManGaming currently has both the standard and Premium editions of Starfield discounted by 17%, but only in Canada, not the US.

The advantage of the Newegg deal is that, well, it's Newegg: Not to cast any aspersions on the various other resellers offering discounted Steam keys, but I'm just not familiar with them. I do, however, know Newegg, and I have no concerns about handing my personal information over to it—in fact, I'm pretty sure I've done so at least once in the past. Everyone has their own tolerances for that sort of thing, but Newegg is about as low-risk as you can get.

Starfield is out today for owners of the Premium and Constellation editions of the game, at 5 pm PT/8 pm ET on August 31, or 1 am BST/2 am CEST on September 1 for our friends in Europe. The standard edition will unlock at the same times on September 5/6, depending on your time zone—here's the full Starfield global release schedule.

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