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Save $40 on this RGB tenkeyless from Cooler Master at Amazon

Save $40 on this RGB tenkeyless from Cooler Master at Amazon
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There are tons of cheap RGB keyboards out there, but the quality can sometimes be hit or miss. But right now you can grab the Cooler Master MK730 RGB TKL keyboard for $90 at Amazon ($40 off) (opens in new tab). This is its lowest ever price, and if you want to hedge your bets with an established brand, Cooler Master isn't a bad way to go. Known primarily for their robust components, their peripherals share similar rock-solid design philosophies. While Cooler Master has been pushing its new line of low profile keyboards, like the SK621, this steadfast legacy model still remains an exceptional tenkeyless design, especially for those who aren't fond of filling their already bloated system with more 3rd party software.

The MK730 is a tenkeyless design, meaning it doesn't feature a numpad, but doesn't crowd features onto existing keys like a 60% design. This featured discount currently applies to models that have either clicky Cherry MX blue switches or linear reds, however, the MK730 is also available with tactile brown switches as well. In addition to per-key RGB lighting, the brushed aluminum frame has an RGB lightbar that runs around the case. The keyboard itself remains tethered to your desktop via a removable USB-C connection, a feature that remains absent in even some of the best gaming keyboards (opens in new tab). It also comes packaged with a magnetically locking wrist rest for support and swappable purple keycaps for your WASD and directional keys.

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Cooler Master MK730 | $89.99 at Amazon ($40 off) (opens in new tab)
This excellent tenkeyless design from Cooler Master features Cherry MX switches and per-key RGB lighting without the need for 3rd party software.  

While Cooler Master has started to roll out its own 3rd party control software to configure macros or RGB lighting, perhaps the best feature of the MK730 is that it is fully programmable without the need for additional software if you're looking to keep your additional applications to a minimum. Forgetting to budget for peripherals in your next high-end PC build (opens in new tab) can be a costly oversight, but the Black Friday deals (opens in new tab) we're sure to see on peripherals will make sure your ledger stays in the black.  

Alice Newcome-Beill
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