Save $170 on this LG 27-inch 4K HDR gaming monitor on Amazon

Save $170 on this LG 27-inch 4K HDR gaming monitor on Amazon
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Looking a cheap 4K HDR gaming monitor? You can pick this LG monitor that usually runs for $549.99, but Amazon is slashing the price down to $378, a nice 31 percent off MSRP. It usually retails for around $450, but Amazon's got this gaming monitor at it's lowest price ever.

The LG 27UL650-W sports a 4K IPS Display with VESA DisplayHDR 400 and FreeSync compatibility. We wish the refresh rate was higher than 60Hz, but if you plan on playing things in 4K, it's tough to get more than 60fps without a seriously beefy graphics card anyway. With 99 percent coverage of the sRGB, it's ideal for professionals aside from gamers, too.  

The thin bezel makes a multi-screen workspace possible too, and $378 is a pretty good deal for anyone who needs to kick start a workstation. 


LG 27UL650-W | 27-Inch | 4K | 60Hz | $549.99 (save $171.99)
This LG 4K HDR gaming monitor is a great cheap entry point to HDR gaming.

While this LG is a nice entry point to HDR gaming, it's not as bright as HDR1000, which is seen on some of the best gaming monitors. Still, it's better than no HDR at all.

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