Save big on motherboards and SSDs in Newegg's weekend sale

Newegg has plenty of sales going on this summer, and a new one starting today is a simple weekend sale which will run until Sunday. There's plenty on offer on the main page, but the highlights are the motherboards and SSDs which can be found. 

You can find a bit of money off the WD Blue SSD, both the SATA and M.2 variations, as well as the 512GB WD Black M.2 drive. As for the motherboards, the likes of the ASRock Z270 Taichi can be found for $160 after rebate, or you can opt for the more budget ASRock Z270 Extreme 4 at $120 after rebate. 

Make sure you check out the main deals page too, as you'll find everything from ready built PCs, to audio systems, to video cards, and even a rice cooker, for some reason.

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