Samsung's fancy quantum dot monitor is down to £220

Quantum dot technology is a fancy-sounding term, but all it means practically for you is that you get better brightness, better color accuracy, and your monitor will have high color saturation. Samsung released the first ever quantum dot gaming monitor last year, and now the price of the CFG70 24-inch is down to £220 at Argos

The 24-inch monitor has a resolution of 1920 x 1080, and although it sounds a little pricey for a 1080p display, it's the tech behind it that makes it worth the money. On top of the quantum dot technology, it's got a nice high refresh rate of up to 144Hz (you can also select 60Hz, 100Hz, or 120Hz), and it's got a 1800R curved screen with a 1ms refresh rate. 

The Samsung CFG70 24-inch monitor started life all the way up at £420 on Amazon before going back down to its RRP of £330. It's currently sitting at £273 on Amazon, and that's the cheapest it's ever been on there, so you're saving over £50 by going to Argos right now. You should also get a £10 voucher off your next purchase if you buy it online. 

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