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Rosewill PSUs, cases, and more discounted at Newegg today

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Hardware manufacturer Rosewill is having a big 24 hour sale on Newegg (opens in new tab) today, where you can find up to 50 percent off a whole range of products. We like Rosewill's classy tempered glass cases (opens in new tab), but the company also makes power supplies, various fans, server components, keyboards, and much more. 

Some of the best deals include the ATX Mid Tower Cullinan PC case, with the aforementioned tempered glass panels and a choice of red or blue. It's down to $110 (opens in new tab), with a saving of 15 percent, plus you get an extra $10 off with promotion code 0426RRSS06. If you're looking for a cheaper case, there's 50 percent off another of Rosewill's cases, down to $50 (opens in new tab)

The Valens Series 700W modular power supply, with its 80 Plus Gold certification rating, is down to $70 from $110 (opens in new tab), a healthy saving of 40 percent. Alternatively there's a 550W Platinum rated Quark Series (opens in new tab) supply for $70 too. 

A 24-port gigabit Ethernet switch (opens in new tab) can be yours for $70, down from $100. Or a data hub for 5.25-inch drive bays with two USB 3.0 ports and four USB 2.0 ports is available for $28 (opens in new tab), down from $40.

A rather nice 45 piece computer tool kit is actually 62 percent off right now, down to $23 from $60 (opens in new tab). Very useful if you're looking to do some PC upgrades. Or, if you're looking to do some cooking, which we're sure you are, this induction cooker (opens in new tab) which comes with a stainless steel pot is $10 off with the promotion code AFM17DEAL71, for some reason.

There are 216 Rosewill products on Newegg right now, so check out the whole list of items (opens in new tab) and see if there are any deals which suit you. 

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