Roguelike platformer 20XX adds third playable character Hawk

20XX is a co-op roguelike platformer heavily inspired by Mega Man. For many players, it filled the void created by the disappointment that was Mighty No. 9, and it got a major upgrade today with the release of Hawk, its third playable character. 

Hawk joins ranged fighter Nina and melee powerhouse Ace. She wields an energy whip that replenishes the fuel that powers her abilities, so it sounds like she rewards and encourages aggressive play. She's available as part of the Hawk DLC pack, which is available for $2 at 34 percent off on Steam through Monday, February 19. The base game is also $10 at 34 percent off through the same period.

A major patch launched alongside the Hawk DLC pack which will benefit all players, regardless of whether they buy the DLC. It brought a laundry list of bug fixes and additions, chief among them dramatic cutscene improvements and nine new augments (random items to find).  

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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