Rocket League's Neo Tokyo update coming June 20

Rocket League's Neo Tokyo update is a big'un, so much of a big'un that developer Psyonix describes it as the "largest update in the game’s history". So what's included? A new, cyberpunk-inspired stadium, a 'trade-in' system that lets players trade multiple items for rarer ones, along with new items, chat and celebration options, oh and many other things listed on the reveal page.

"When's it coming?" is your next question, to which I would reply "June 20th", before adding that Season 3 of Rocket League's competitive playlists will begin on the same date. This third season "resets all skill ratings and rewards last season’s players with exclusive Rocket Trails that reflect their highest achieved ranks", which is nice.

Here's a lovely trailer (thanks, Blue's News!):

Tom Sykes

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