Rocket League's June patch goes all-out

Rocket League's June patch is out now, and it's a doozy. Competitive players, customisation obsessives and serial smack-talkers will all find something to crow about.

First and foremost, Season 2 has come to an end, and glitzy new rocket trails doled out to participants based on their final rank. For Season 3, everyone's competitive rating has been reset—it's a fresh start for all.

If you ever need to make the enemy aware of your intellectual superiority, Quick Chat customisation opens up an array of passive agressive options. You can now swap the basic phrases for the likes of "Calculated.", "Savage!" and "Really, Rocket League? Another smurf? Really?".

One of those is made up.

The loot update we've been harping on about for months is live. Rare, Very Rare, Painted and Certified items are in-game. Those aren't detailed in the patch notes—Psyonix doesn't want to spoil every surprise.

The new map, Neo Tokyo is in-game, joining Wasteland as the second non-standard map in the rotation. It's accompanied by some suitably themed battle car DLC, to be released July 18 and soon to be viewable via the in-game DLC 'Showroom'. Who buys a new car without seeing it, after all?

Check out the full patch notes here.