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Rocket League's loot expanding with rare items and trade-ins

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As hinted, Rocket League (opens in new tab)'s item system will soon expand. Rare and Very Rare loot and a trade-in system will join Painted and Certified items (opens in new tab) in the June patch.

Just like Uncommon drops, your chances of discovering a Rare or Very Rare item increase the longer you play, but unlike Uncommon drops, they will include decals and rocket trails.

As to those duplicate items that have been piling up since the last batch of loot (opens in new tab) was introduced, you'll finally be able to put them to use. Trade in five items of the the same type (five hats, for example) for a rarer item in that slot.

Psyonix warns (opens in new tab) that player-to-player trading will appear in a future update, so dump your duplicates carefully.

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