Roccat's new mouse features achievements, including one called "Sultan of Scroll"

Roccat Savu achievements

What the lol? Come on now Roccat. You guys know this is a bit silly.

Roccat's Savu - which I'm sure is very nice to use - has a built in trophy system. It's called the ROCCAT™ Achievements Display – or R.A.D. for short - and will track how many times you click, scroll and more. Hit a milestone and you'll get an achievement for your efforts. The mouse also features "No sweat side grips."

I enjoy levelling up as much as the next man, but getting a trophy for scrolling my mouse wheel seems a bit like getting rewarded for being affected by gravity, or casting a shadow. Still, we're yet to test out the Savu, and it could be the first in a long line of innovative peripherals. Possibly. Check the official website for more .