Roccat releases a mouse that doesn't discriminate against left-handed gamers

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Roccat releases a mouse that doesn't discriminate against left-handed gamers

As a right-handed gamer, I don't have a wide selection of mice to choose from, because almost all the mice in our best gaming mouse roundup are geared towards righties. There are rare exceptions. A left-handed version of Razer's Deathadder is one of them, and is the best left-handed mouse for gaming, but in general it's slim pickings for southpaws. However, Roccat is helping to change that with its new Kova AIMO.

Well, sort of. The Kova AIMO is not exclusive to left-handed gamers, but sports an ambidextrous design. That basically means it doesn't have a curved-ergonomic leaning in that would suit a particular chirality, as some right-handed and left-handed mice do. More importantly, it places buttons on both sides of the mouse.

You'll probably only use one set of side buttons, unless you can get used to mashing buttons with your ring finger or, less likely, your pinky finger. Combined with the main clickers, scroll wheel, and DPI button, there are 10 primary controls, and 20 button functions.

Beyond the ambidextrous design, the Kova AIMO uses an optical sensor with up to a 7,000 dpi. That's not the highest dpi on the market, though many competitive gamers feel that ultra-high dpi settings are not all that beneficial.

The Kova AIMO also sports a 32-bit ARM processor and 512kb of onboard memory, allowing you to save custom RGB lighting settings and macros to the mouse. 

Compared to the regular Kova, the new AIMO addition adds intelligent RGB illumination. Along with just a few other AIMO peripherals, the lighting on this mouse "reacts organically based on your usage, presenting state-of-the-art illumination scenarios without the need for configuration."

The Kova AIMO is available now for $59.99. If you don't care about intelligent lighting, the regular Kova can be found for as little as $31.88 on Amazon (opens in new tab) (on sale from $49.99).

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