Retro City Rampage followup Shakedown: Hawaii comes out next month

Shakedown Hawaii, the top-down, retro-flavored followup to Retro City Rampage, was announced last year as a satirical (and tremendously violent) take on white collar crime: "Business in the front, bodies in the back," as the tagline aptly puts it. There was no release date the last time we looked at it but developer Vblank revealed today that it will be out on May 7. That's about it in terms of new info, but the studio put out a trailer a couple of weeks ago that we haven't checked out yet, so let's take the opportunity to get caught up. 

The video showcases some of the challenges facing legitimate business owners who are just trying to make an honest living, including fluctuating property values, damaging review bombs, sky-high insurance premiums, and the need to find equilibrium between promotions and profit. It's not an easy thing keeping the books balanced while meeting the needs of the consuming public, and the successful proprietor will have to put every bit of their education and experience to work in order to build and maintain a stable, rewarding enterprise. 

Ha! Just kidding. Go shoot some stuff. Shakedown: Hawaii is available for pre-purchase from the Epic Games Store for $20 and you can find out more at Now here's Bob Seger. 

Andy Chalk

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