How to solve the Riverbank Treasure House puzzle in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village Riverbank Treasure House
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Fancy floating down to Resident Evil Village's Riverbank Treasure House? You're likely exhausted after defeating countless strange creatures, so I recommend taking a detour to solve a quick puzzle and score a hefty sum of Lei. There are even some treasures and ammo in it for you, if you're willing to make the trip.

You'll only need to take on a weak enemy in this area, and if you're willing to explore, there are a couple of nearby locations that you can fold into your expedition. As always, there are a few light spoilers ahead, but we're keeping them to a minimum in this guide. Here's how to get to Resident Evil Village's Riverbank Treasure House, how to solve the puzzle to open the doors, and where to scoop up the goods.

How to find the Riverbank Treasure house

Before you can attempt this puzzle, you need to find the Crank. You'll come across this item when you take on Moreau, Village's third main boss. Don't worry, there's no way you can miss this item. So, if you still need to find that area, head there at your leisure and come back later.

Take the boat along the river

If you already have the Crank, it's time to lower the drawbridge on Lone Road. Be sure to grab the crate and hidden goat, then hop into the little boat and head in the direction it's facing (left). Dock the boat at the other end and bear right to enter the large doors with the torches outside. After you get your hands on the treasure below, return to this spot and turn left to lower the second drawbridge and test your skills in the secret well puzzle.

Resident Evil Village: How to solve the Riverbank Treasure House puzzle

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Light the torches

Walk down the steps and through another set of heavy double doors. You've seen your fair share of torch-based puzzles already and this puzzle is just like the one you completed to get the Azure Eye in the Castle. There are two torches to light to begin with, so stand opposite each of them and shoot the brazier in the middle so that it swings up and ignites the logs.

An enemy in flames

Each torch opens a door, and you'll fight that an enemy quickly appears from a hole in the wall on the right side. Don't kill this pest, just yet. Instead, line up the swinging brazier with the enemy and shoot it so it catches fire. Now walk straight ahead to the back room and coax the enemy to walk close to the torch in the middle. It'll light the final brazier and another door at the end will open. Feel free to kill the enemy afterwards, and smash the crate in here to grab some Sniper Rifle ammo. 


Head through the door that just opened to retrieve the Golden Lady Statue. This is a very valuable item that you can sell to the Duke. You'll also find Magnum ammo on the table. When you're ready, return to the other two rooms as they contain even more loot. The room on the left is filled with 5,000 Lei, split into multiple sacks. The room on the right contains two crates filled with Handgun and Shotgun ammo.

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