How to complete the bell puzzle in Resident Evil Village

If you're stuck on the Resident Evil Village bell puzzle, chances are you're not the only one. Of the five chimes you need to ring out to progress the game, the first few are pretty simple. However, the remaining bells require a keen eye and a bit of lateral thinking. If you've combed every corner of this ornate room in search of the solution and you're still stuck, you're in the right place.

Frankly, just navigating Lady Dimitrescu's labyrinthine castle is a puzzle in and of itself as you search for keys, masks, and more, but thankfully the Resident Evil 8 bell puzzle is contained in just this one room. So, to help you move on through the castle, here's where to shoot all five bells.

Resident Evil Village bell puzzle: Where to shoot all five

Located in the Atelier room, connected to the Hall of Joy in Dimitrescu's castle, you'll know you're in the right room for the bell puzzle when you see the colossal portrait of the tall lady herself on the wall to your right. Approaching the canvas on a stand in the middle of this room, the note attached to it reads: "Let the five bells of this chamber ring out." Simple, right?

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Well, sort of. While you don't need to have all the bells ringing out simultaneously—you just need to shoot them once—not all of them are in especially obvious places. Once you shoot each one a little flame will appear above them, so you know the bullet hit its target. 

Once you've scoured the space for materials—smash the cabinet opposite the note on the canvas for some extra handgun ammo—you're ready to start. Check the video above if you need visual directions, but otherwise, here are the five Resident Evil Village bell locations:

  • You'll see this first one straight away: It's opposite the door through which you came into the room, next to the bust of a man. Save a bullet by slashing it with your knife.
  • On the wall opposite the door you came in is a gap where a painting should be. Moving cogs behind it periodically reveal the bell, giving you just enough time to shoot it.
  • Above the cabinet you smashed for the extra handgun ammo (opposite the wall with the whirring cogs) is another, smaller chime, in front of a painting with a golden frame.
  • This is where things start to get tricky: Climb the staircase and look out the window high up on the other side. Shoot the bell hanging outside through the glass.
  • Remaining at the top of the stairs, shoot the chandelier. This makes it swing to reveal the final bell.

Once you've shot all five they'll all ring out again, along with the triumphant creak of a door swinging open—this is the secret door hidden within the Lady Dimitrescu painting. Head through it to continue your rescue mission, if you dare.

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