How to find and combine the Azure Eye in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village Azure Eye
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Want to find the Resident Evil Village Azure Eye? The puzzle attached to the mysterious eye requires you to complete a few steps, but it's certainly worth the pay off at the end. There's a map, ring, and gemstone to find, but read on at your own risk if you want to avoid spoilers.

After visiting the Attic in Castle Dimitrescu, you'll have found the Treasure Map. This suggests that there's an expensive object hidden away in the castle somewhere. I'm here to help you find the prize marked on the map and clear another room in the basement. Here's how to use the Treasure Map to find the Resident Evil Village Azure Eye, and how to combine it with the Silver Ring to earn some money.

Treasure Map

Resident Evil Village: How to find the Azure Eye

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After collecting the Treasure Map from the Attic, inspect the map and turn it over to reveal this clue:

"There's an heirloom worth a fortune in that nobleman's casket. But there's a damn trick to it...something about lighting the way?"

Head to the Special Chambers

We need to go to the area marked on the map, so head to the Kitchen (1F) and walk all the way to the steps at the end of the corridor. Take the stairs down to the basement level (B1) and continue straight ahead until you reach the Iron Insignia door. Use the Iron Insignia Key to open the door and you'll find yourself in the Special Chambers.

There are two (unlit) torches hanging from the ceiling and a coffin with railings around it. First, walk over to the crate on the right side and smash it to grab some Handgun ammo. In the candlelit alcove next to it is a Pipe Bomb.

Now, let's address the lighting situation. To the left of the coffin you'll notice the wall is falling apart, and there's a source of light behind it. Equip the Pipe Bomb and toss it at the wall to blast away the bricks. You can now access the tall torch inside and use it to light the remaining ones.

Azure Eye

Light the torches

While the earlier torch puzzle allowed you to guide the torches towards the flames by walking into them, it's much harder to do that accurately here. The easiest way to light them is by shooting at them with your weapon so they swing towards the flames. Don't worry about having to use your precious ammo, you only need to land two shots.

Shoot the torch closest to the flames to light it. Wait for it to stop moving, then head over to the second one and shoot that so it touches the first's fire. Once both are lit, the railings will collapse into the floor and you can interact with the coffin.

Open the casket and retrieve the Azure Eye from the skulls within. If you examine the eye, you'll notice that it's not really an eye, but a blue gemstone that just looks like one. Most importantly, it's a combinable treasure, which means we need to find its counterpart.

Silver Ring

Resident Evil Village: How to find the Silver Ring

You can find the Silver Ring in the same room as the Mask of Pleasure. If you're yet to come across that item, take a look at our mask guide to get your bearings. Once you've arrived in the Hall of Pleasure, walk over to the cabinet at the back of the room (opposite the white statue) and open the drawer to grab the Silver Ring.

Open your inventory and select the Treasures tab, choose the Azure Eye, then click combine to pair it with the Silver Ring. Not only do you have a 12,000 Lei item that you can now sell to the Duke, you'll unlock the 'Repairer' achievement, too. Remember, you'll need to finish the mask puzzle, and defeat another daughter before you can leave this room.

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