How to solve the doll puzzle in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village doll puzzle
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Wondering how to solve the Resident Evil Village doll puzzle? You'll need to look for items to help you escape unharmed once you've arrived at House Beneviento. This area is crowded with dolls and makes for a very unsettling environment. Not at all helpful for puzzle solving, especially when you're likely to encounter the Resident Evil Village baby monster while going about your business.

To make matters worse, your inventory has also been emptied so you'll need to rely on items you find in the Doll Workshop and its basement to unlock doors and chase down that creepy boss. It's worth mentioning that this is a full Resident Evil Village walkthrough, so do beware of spoilers ahead.

Find the house

How to find House Beneviento

Before we get started, you need to know that you can only start this part of the story once you've got your hands on the Four-Winged Key. After you've retrieved the key, you're prompted to head to the Altar to speak to the Duke. Once you're ready, head through the wooden door on his left and follow the path.

Before long, you'll see headstones, flowers, and some dolls. Continue across the Suspended Bridge and Mia will appear. Follow her until you reach a glowing grave. Now walk over to the red door behind it and interact with the letterbox to post your Family Photo (in your key items). The door will open and you can walk inside and use the elevator. Exit the elevator and follow the path to enter House Beneviento. Before going inside, follow the covered porch around to the left and down the stairs to find a goat on the other side of the railings.

Begin the puzzle

How to start the Resident Evil Village doll puzzle

Comb each room for items, then from the Foyer, walk through the door opposite to enter the Living Room, and take the door on the right to find a PT-style corridor with flowery wallpaper. Continue walking until you reach the elevator and take it downstairs. Follow the corridor to the end to find Angie perched on a chair holding a Flask. When you interact with the flask the lights will switch off, Angie will disappear, and the mannequin will be unveiled behind her chair. There's a typewriter in the corner of the Doll Workshop, so save up and prepare to begin the puzzle.

Doll items location

How to find all the items

Most of the answers you need are right in front of you, but you'll need to examine the doll carefully to find them. There's a photograph of Mia on the table next to the mannequin. You can interact with several different parts of the doll, including its eye, bandaged stomach, arms, legs, and mouth, but you can't retrieve all the items straight away. Let's start with its right arm.

Start with the doll's right arm

Interact with its right shoulder and use A and D to move Ethan's hand up to its shoulder to pop out the wooden insert. The Silver Key will fall onto the table. Now you can examine the lower part of the mannequin's arm and bend it upwards and twist to find a silver disk with three closed eyes on it inside. Place this on the table for now.

Now check the left arm and leg

Walk around the table and inspect the doll's left hand. Ethan will then remove the Blood Covered Ring. Examine its left leg and move Ethan's hands to the joint by its knee. The Winding Key is stashed inside.

Check its eye 

Take a closer look at the mannequin and inspect its left eye. You'll find that it has a crow inside a triangle marked on it.

Use the Silver Key to open the door 

Head over to the door on the left side of the room and use the Silver Key to unlock it. Walk over to the sink and clean the Blood Covered Ring. This reveals that it's actually a Wedding Ring.

Door combination code

How to find the Doll Workshop door combination code

Examine the Wedding Ring for the door combination code

Open your inventory and select the Wedding Ring from the key items tab. Tilt the ring, and you'll discover that there's a date engraved on it. This is for the double doors where you first entered the room. The code for the locked door is 052911. You can now roam around between the rooms.

Music box

Solve the music box puzzle

As you'll see in our full Resident Evil Village music box guide, start this part by continuing your walk down the corridor and stop when the white door opens on the left side. Enter the room and interact with the music box on the table. It's currently broken, so it's your job to fix it. Attach the Winding Key to open the music box. There are now five metal sections that you can swap between and spin. All you need to do is line up the scratches on the metal (solution above) to make it play. The drawer will open to reward you with a pair of Tweezers.

Examine the mannequin's mouth

Walk all the way back to the room with the doll and examine its mouth. Open it, then use the Tweezers to pull out the Film. Exit the room to briefly catch a glimpse of Mia at the end of the corridor. Continue walking all the way back to the elevator, which is now locked off as the power's out. Instead, let's head through the white door next to it to enter the Study.


Solve the Resident Evil Village film puzzle

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On the desk is a piece of paper and a stand with four pieces of film clipped to it. There's one piece of film missing, but thankfully you just found it. You need to use the clues on the paper to put the film in order. The film puzzle solution is:

  • 1. Monkey cuddly toy
  • 2. Village fairy tale book
  • 3. Rose
  • 4. Music box
  • 5. Wedding ring

Find the Scissors and Brass Medallion

The projector then plays a short film that features a well with a ladder and a crib. The projector screen then falls and a bookcase shifts to reveal a doorway behind. Walk into the tiny room and turn left to find a doll holding a pair of Scissors. Crouch and use these to cut through the bandages blocking the entry point below. Crawl through and answer the phone.

Continue walking down the hallway to find a door on the left. On the window you can see a brass woman is holding what looks like the outline of a baby, but the baby is missing. Keep going and you'll reach a white door that you can unlock. This is a shortcut to the Silver Key room. Cross the room and use the scissors to cut the bandages on the mannequin's stomach. Remove the circular wooden block to pick up a Brass Medallion.

Symbols door

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Open the door with symbols on it

There's a doorway in the mannequin room that leads to a door with three circular parts on it. There are two symbols that you need to change to match the items you found on the doll, and one item that you need to place in the depression. Here's how to unlock the door:

  • Place the Brass Medallion in the depression at the top, on the right.
  • Set the left symbol to be a crow to match the mannequin's eye.
  • Set the bottom symbol to be three closed eyes to match the mannequin's arm. 

Breaker Box Key & Fuse

How to find the Breaker Box Key and Fuse

Walk down the stairs and you'll recognise that this is the room shown on the projector in the Study. Climb down the ladder to retrieve the Breaker Box Key, then retrace your footsteps back to the room with the mannequin… which has now vanished.

You'll hear someone saying "it'll be fine" repeatedly on the radio and this is your cue to walk down the dark corridor where something is waiting for you at the end. You'll need to keep your distance from it and make your way back to the elevator. Use the Breaker Box Key to open the grey box next to it to find the Relief of a Child.

How to find the fuse

You need to take the Relief of a Child to the door with the woman on it. From the elevator, walk through the white door and take the shortcut (where the bookcase is). Walk down the corridor and place the Relief of a Child in its rightful spot. The door opens and you can go down the stairs into another PT-style hallway. Walk through the kitchen area and around into the bedroom. The Fuse is in a grey box on the wall.

When the coast is clear, exit the room and retrace your steps back to the elevator. Place the fuse in the box and the light will turn green. At this point I had to dodge my stalker, I went into the Study and skirted around the desk before rushing back to the elevator. That was close, but you're ready to walk back to the main part of the house and face Donna Beneviento/Angie.

Baby monster

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How to avoid the Resident Evil Village baby monster

After jumping out of your skin and discovering the baby monster at the end of the dark corridor, your natural instinct should be to stay the hell away from it. And you'd be right, this is the best game plan.

The baby monster's cries are loud enough for you to hear it coming from a distance, but as you're focused on switching the power back on, it may creep up on you a couple more times in this section. My advice is to keep your wits about you, and always expect it to be lurking nearby.

If the giant baby follows you into a room, use large objects like tables and desks to steer clear of it, then dart out of the room when the path is clear. The room in which you're most likely to get stuck is the bedroom (where you find the fuse). If you get cornered in this room, you can hide under the bed, or hop into the cupboard next to the fuse box to wait for it to pass.

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