Resident Evil Village mod makes Lady D's big honkin' hat keep getting bigger

Resident Evil Village mod
(Image credit: CapCom)

It's unanimous: We all love the tall vampire lady from Resident Evil Village. Lady Dimitrescu has long legs (you need them if you want to be over nine feet tall), long claws, and no doubt a long-lasting impact on the series (at least we hope so).

She's also got a big honkin' hat. But even though her brim is already as wide as a double doorway, it could stand to get a little bit bigger, wouldn't you say?

One modder certainly thought so. A mod by Kallialee has a bit of fun with LadyD's already impressive hat. The mod makes it grow bigger and bigger as the game progresses. Each time we see the XXL vampire in the video below her fancy lid has grown a few dozen sizes.

By the end of the video, it's gone from being the size of a kiddie pool to the size of a flying saucer. It's a good thing the game isn't longer or that brim would cover the entire village in shadow. Which, for a vampire, probably wouldn't be a bad idea, now that I think about it. 

The mod itself hasn't been released yet, as far as I can tell, but it looks like a fun one. It's not quite clear exactly how her hat keeps getting bigger—the video is heavily edited—so I can't tell if it's actually growing in size or if it's been replaced with a larger version each time LadyD appears.

This isn't the first bit of goofiness we've seen modders have with Resident Evil Village: Dozens of mods have appeared for the horror game since the demo first appeared. Ethan's head has been bizarrely removed in a third-person mod, plus his baby has been turned into Chris Redfield and vice-versa. Also, Barney is there. We can't imagine what modders will do next.

Christopher Livingston
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