Lady Dimitrescu is 9'6" and that's an official Capcom fact

Resident Evil Village Maiden demo
(Image credit: Capcom)

Lady Dimitrescu, the tall lady from Resident Evil Village, is officially tall. After a few weeks of fan speculation regarding how tall Lady Dimitrescu is (is her seeming tallness born of an awkward camera perspective? Is her seeming tallness a result of her witches being short?) Capcom has issued some important clarification: She's tall to the tune of 2.9 metres. That's about nine feet, six inches.

According to the very first result for the Google search "average human height," people are generally 1.6m to 1.7m tall. At 2.9m, that makes Lady Dimitrescu unarguably tall. With the stats at hand, Lady Dimitrescu fanart can be more realistic than ever before.

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The tallest person ever recorded, Robert Wadlow, was a lowly 8'11", which is 2.72m—that means Lady Dimitrescu is at least 25 centimetres taller than the tallest real world person ever verifiably recorded.

In a Reddit thread from five years ago entitled "What things or beings are 3 meters long?" (the height of Lady Dimitrescu rounded up from 2.9m) the following things are listed: "some snakes," "tigers," "small whales," "probably some elephants," "a lot of trees," "some alligator and crocodile type beings," "giant squids," "Komodo dragons," "oar fish," and "3 meter diving board," among others.

We got a brief look at Resident Evil Village gameplay last week. It'll be be out on May 7, and will come with a multiplayer side-game.

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