Resident Evil Village's baby Chris mod comes full circle

An uncomfortably large baby
(Image credit: Capcom, modded by JTeghius Kittius)

Last week, we looked at some of the utterly cursed mods infecting Resident Evil Village, including one that replaced Ethan's sweet baby with the grizzled, stone-cut face of Chris Redfield. It's horrific, but not as much as the question it immediately raises—what if you did it the other way around?

Sorry, everyone. Due to popular demand, Chris Redfield is now a big, big baby.

Available over on Nexus Mods, Baby Over Chris Face is exactly what it says on the title. Redfield's gruff face has been swapped out for a puckered infant who nevertheless looks just as (if not more) menacing as the Resi veteran.

Big baby chris redfield

(Image credit: Capcom, modded by JTeghius Kittius)

Modder JTeghius Kittius, who posted the original Baby Chris mod, says that she received a "ton of requests" to flip the mod. The facial animations all work (minus the eyes), though she does note that he's only tested it on the intro sequence and not Redfield's later appearances.

Andy K reckons Village is the first game in the series to make Redfield feel human, turning him from the one-note action hero of previous entries into a more nuanced character. I wonder if that characterisation stands when our beefy lad is stomping around with rosy cheeks and frightening, giant eyes.

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