This Resident Evil Village third-person mod turns Ethan into a headless monster

Resident Evil Village might continue Resi 7's pivot into first-person horror, but one modder is attempting to bring the latest entry back to the series' third-person roots. Just don't lose your head over it quite yet, okay?

Spotted by Eurogamer and currently in development on the developer's Patreon, FluffyQuack's mod is described as "very experimental" for good reason. The biggest, I reckon, is that our man Ethan Winters is missing his head. A heavily-armed decapitated man in a parka might be a good shout for a new Resi monster, but it's an odd look for our cowering protagonist.

The mod also breaks a few interactions with in-game objects, and Ethan's gun isn't quite aiming where it's supposed to. The camera will also snap back into first-person on occasion. But it's certainly impressive in how it mostly works, and an earlier video shows Quack strolling around House Beneviento in third-person as one of Lady D's daughters.

All things considered, a headless Ethan Winters isn't the most terrifying thing we've seen out of the Resident Evil mod scene. That spot is currently a toss-up between big baby Chris Redfield and Lady Dimitrescu the Tank Engine. Haunting. 

Natalie Clayton
Features Producer

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