Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days release date set

Quentin Tarantino's iconic crime thriller Reservoir Dogs celebrates its 25th anniversary later this year, which may or may not be what's prompted Big Star Games to launch a loosely-tied, top-down Hotline Miami-like shooter in a similar vein. Named Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days, the movie's familiar cast of colour-coded robbers feature alongside a time-manipulating rewind mechanic that's said to mirror the film's back-and-forth flashback structure. 

Admittedly, it all sounds a bit strange, yet actually looks pretty cool in motion. Gunning for Steam on May 18, here's a glance at how Bloody Days works:

Against its fast-firing one-hit kill style, I like the idea of working and reworking heists on the fly as circumstances change around you and your crew in real time. And with 18 different levels, it would seem Bloody Days serves up plenty of scope for experimentation. 

"Starring the six iconic characters from the movie, Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days features insane single-player cooperative gameplay that plays out across 18 different levels, including banks, docks, nightclubs and more," so says Big Star Games. "The result is a shockingly violent, addictive, adrenaline-filled masterpiece that toys with time, just as Quentin Tarantino’s landmark film did 25 years ago."   

Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days is due May 18, 2017. More information can be found on its official site.