Red Harbinger puts a PC in your desk

red cross 3

Big gaming PCs are great, but finding room for that giant case with all its fans and graphics cards can be tough. Especially if you live in a moderately sized flat as opposed to a rural mansion. Which is why the work of Red Harbinger looks interesting. This newcomer to the world of bespoke boutique systems is looking to popularise the idea of putting a PC inside a desk.

Harbinger's latest work, dubbed the Cross, comes with three screens and space for enough components to build two PCs inside. It also has room for 28 hard drives, 14 fans and four water cooling radiators.

Components sit underneath the glass desk, separated up in a modular fashion to improve cooling and reduce noise. The internals are all illuminated with customisable LEDs, all the better to bathe your pallid skin with an artificial hue.

There's no word on price for the Cross yet, or indeed when it will be commercially available, but apparently it will be available worldwide. Alternatively, you could follow the instructions here to build something similar of your own, if you're handy with a swing lathe and dremel.

Thanks to Mikhail for the link.