ReCore: Definitive Edition and four other former Windows Store exclusives are now on Steam

ReCore was very disappointing, not just because it looked so good but turned out so bad, but because if you wanted it you had to deal with the persistent unpleasantness of the Windows Store. No longer, however: Today, it and four other previously MS-exclusive games—Super Lucky's Tale, Disneyland Adventures, Rush: A Disney – Pixar Adventure, and Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection, are all available on Steam. 

The appearance of these games on Steam is the result of a deal between Microsoft and THQ Nordic, announced in August at Gamescom, that grants THQ the right to distribute Microsoft-published games on Steam and in physical formats. As reported by Variety, it's not known if other games are included in the deal, but it doesn't reflect particularly well on Microsoft's efforts to make the Windows Store (which still sucks, by the way) into a viable competitor to Steam. Or Origin. Or, or Uplay, or pretty much anything, really. 

The Steam version of ReCore is the Definitive Edition, which was originally released in August 2017 and features improved graphics and performance, higher level caps, new achievements, new weapons, dungeons, and overworld locations, a new T8NK Corebot frame, and more. It goes for $20/£15/€17.

Andy Chalk

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