Razer now offers extended warranty options in the US for its laptops and phones

Razer on Wednesday announced that buyers can extend the warranty on their laptop and phone purchases, adding two more years to the former and one additional year to the latter, for an added fee of course.

Taking a cue from Apple and its AppleCare program, Razer is calling its own extended warranty program "RazerCare," or RazerCare Essential Pro if going by the full name. It's backed by Centricity.

Costs are as follows:

  • Black Stealth laptop: $199.99 for 2 additional years (3 years total)
  • Blade laptop: $249 for 2 additional years (3 years total)
  • Blade Pro laptop: $299.99 for 2 additional years (3 years total)
  • Razer Phone (any model): $99.99 for 1 additional year (2 years total)

Ponying up for an extended warranty can be a tough pill to swallow, and in this case, Razer doesn't cover accidental damage (drops, spills, etc.). That's a bummer, though Razer does offer some perks, such as 24-hour phone support and free two-way shipping. Warranties are also transferable to a new owner, which is nice.

There is no deductible for a covered laptop. To fix a Razer Phone under warranty, there is a $25 deductible, and $150 for a full replacement.

Paul Lilly

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