Razer made a brighter and thinner version of its original RGB mouse pad

(Image credit: Razer)

If there is one thing computer accessories are in desperate need of, it's more RGB lighting, right? Maybe, maybe not, depending on your perspective. Either way, like a runaway freight train coming down the side of a steep mountain, there's no stopping the RGB locomotive. Rather than try, Razer went the opposite direction and outfitted its new Firefly V2 mouse pad with more and shinier RGB lighting than the original version.

There are two parts to the lighting upgrades. Razer says the Firefly V2 uses brighter LEDs than the original Firefly, and there are also now 19 lighting zones around all four sides of the mat. That's four more zones than before.

"It is now the brightest RGB mouse mat powered by Razer Chroma—the world’s largest RGB lighting ecosystem, which supports over 500 devices and integration with over 130 top PC games of today," Razer says.

The Firefly V2 is also thinner this time around. It measures 3mm wide, compared to 3.5mm for the cloth and 4mm for the hard editions of the original Firefly. Overall dimensions are 355mm x 255mm x 3mm.

This time around, however, Razer is only offering a hard version. There's no cloth variant, though from Razer's vantage point, the micro-textured finish and surface coating "provides the right amount of friction and glide that caters to any play style." For anyone who prefers a cloth mouse pad, Razer says to look into its Goliathus Chroma range.

Other features include a cable catch to keep your wired mouse's tail out of the way, and an anti-slip rubber base.

We have not tested this Firefly V2 and so we can't compare it with the best mouse pads for gaming. We have played with and like the Firefly Hyperflux, though part of the appeal with that one is the wireless charging capability. This one doesn't have that feature. It's also quite a bit cheaper, though.

The Firefly V2 is available now for $49.99.

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